Dupermag is is Child Theme Of SuperMag. You need to first install SuperMag ( https://wordpress.org/themes/supermag/ ) to activate and use this theme. DuperMag is perfect theme for news, magazine, blog, reviews or personal sites. Full image blog and full image single post make it really cool. DuperMag extend the SuperMag theme with more beautifully crafted design.

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Theme Installation

Note: DuperMag is child theme of SuperMag. SuperMag should be inside the Appearance > Themes. While download the theme from WordPress, both the child theme and parent theme will added on the theme.

Dummy Data

Before importing the demo content. It is required that you install necessary plugins. They are:
1. Acme Demo Setup
2. Advanced Import

Then you can follow the path below:

Setting up Image Sizes


How to make the image size as on demo?

First, go to Settings > Media
Set thumbnail size : 500 * 280
Set Medium size : 600 * 365
Set Large size : 840 * 480
Click on Save Changes to save the change.

We recommend you to use plugin named Acme Fix Image 
to crop the actual size of the images.


How to make your site as our Demo ?

You want to make your site as same as our demo? Here i am going to present you how to make home page as demo. Please just follow the below procedure to make it. It’s simple to create home page.

1. Install Theme DuperMag

2. Setting Image Size

3. Fixed Images Size
After completion the 2nd step, please install and activate plugin named Acme Fix Images.

4. Create Page for Home and Blog
You need at most two pages, one for Home and another for Blog, to make like demo. Please follow this below steps to
set home page.




5. Set Home page and Blog page
Please set home page and blog page with following procedure.


6. Preview front page
View the front page, the featured section will appear. To change the featured section content,

7. Section below the featured section
Are you wondering how to add the section below the featured section? It’s simple, please follow the below process:


8. More section on Home Page
If you need more section on home page, just add the available widget there on “Home Main Content Area”


Start Adding-Editing Contents in your site

Now you can start adding/editing content in you site

Add Categories and Posts.

You know how to add Categories and post? Please follow the below instruction to add categories and post.


Category will automatically listed on the right side of categories list. Please see the below screenshot to know more easier.

Are you wondering about how to add post on WordPress? It’s simple. Please follow the below steps and see screenshot.

See the below screenshot to know more details.



Add different Pages.

You can add pages as similar with adding post. Please follow the below steps.


Using Theme Customization Options

Manage Site Title, Tagline and Site Icon

Creating Menus

Setting up Front page and Blog ( Posts ) page

How to setup features sections

Featured sections includes Featured Slider and Slider Right Sections ( 4 block sections )

Featured Slider ( Category Slider )

Slider Right Sections ( 4 block sections )

Enable/Disable Feature Section

Managing widgets in sidebar


How to manage Home Page contents



How to manage Main Sidebar Area

How to manage Footer Sections

Header Options

How to setup site logo and its options

How to enable-disable Date in header section

How to setup Breaking News Options

How to setup Social Links

How to add Header Advertisement

How to add Home Icon and Search on Menu

Footer options

How to change footer copyright

Layout/Design Option

Lots of options to customize the site are available on this sections.

Setting up Default Layout

How to setup Sidebar Layout

How to change featured image option in Blog page and Archive pages

How to change my site primary colors

Probably you are searching for this options :)

Background Image

You add the background image from here.

How to add custom CSS

If you know the css knowledge, you can customize you site with css

Single Post Options

Theme Options

Extra option for your site are available on this section. Manage breadcrumb and search placeholder from here.

How to add Breadcrumb

How to change Search Placeholder

Reset Options

Thank you for choosing DuperMag. If you have any confusion, please post your query on support forum. http://acmethemes.com/supports